Travel Apps

Travel Apps

Travel apps for iphone

Do you travel too much? Do you like discovering new countries? Then you must go ahead and check this out. You need to have one of the many travel apps for iphone available at the moment. There is a short list for you to make it easier for you to find them.

KartMe Mobile

This application has many useful data stored. It will let you to find the best restaurants, the best prices and at the same time, you could use it to point out the direction you need to go. This is very useful app for anyone who considers himself an experienced traveler.


You have troubles identifying your time zone? Then you do not have to worry about that any longer. This app will help you to understand that perfectly.

CTA iTracker

This is a very useful program, which will let you find the location of the buses around you. This program is optimized for iphone and because of that it will run smoothly on your cell phone.

HAK- Croatian Automobile Club

When you are in Croatia, you want to have this program. Because of it, you will move faster on the roads of Croatia. This app will show the road conditions and the traffic conditions.

Travel Tips

You must several things before your voyage. These things are listed in this app. Also, there are some advices for each country that you are going to visit.


Looking for gasoline? You feel that desperation is taking over? You must not worry any longer FuelSpot will find that closest place for you, where you could easily load your car with gas again.

Language Translation Phrasebook

Knowing different languages is good thing but you can not be familiar with all the idioms and expressions. That’s why consider getting this program

Wardle Transport

You want to travel faster? Then you need this program when you are in United Kingdom

Local gas prices

You want to load your car with gas but you do not want to spend much money on it. That’s why this program will identify the best places for you where you can reload it.

Flight Distances

Knowing how many miles you are going to fly is really useful. You could calculate easily how long the flight would be.

World time zones

This is a new program, which works very fast. Also, it is optimized to work for iphone.