Social Apps


Social Apps

Social networking includes online blogs, instant messaging, emails etc. we have nearly lots of networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace etc., The iTunes App Store has nearly more than 250 various social apps which are helpful in extending our friends social circle.


It is a handy and familiar twitter platform interface which we use on our computer screens. It has nearly all the same features we use originally on Twitter. As a fact, the first screen makes you able to choose a Twitter login and sign in.


This application is perfect for those who have access to Wi-Fi or other wireless networks but do not have a text plan. The program makes it easy to connect with others. You can search for your friends by looking up their usernames.


It is the best handy app for making cheap and inexpensive calls all over the world. We can purchase Skype credit and make calls to any landline or mobile network of the world.


It is developed by Smule. It is one another creative and exclusive app which uses their social networking platform combined with the exciting and distinctive features of iPhone for connecting people all around the globe.

If you are planning a foreign wedding (marriage in a different country), this app will allow you to find friends, choose the best wedding planning services in Italy (especially in Tuscany, which is the most beatiful). Social meet wedding planning! Offered by Qualcosa Di Blu Photo (in english).

It is the most famous social network of the world. This application lets you connect to Facebook can get connected to all your friends. It gives all the info and updates of your facebook account.


Fring is a combination of many social networks and allows chat and voice calls to all your friends. We can combine all our friends at different social networks at Fring.


Bump is a useful tool for in-person connections. It is easy to use and we can bump our iphone with other iphone and get connected. We can easily exchange contact information.


It is very similar to the desktop application we have on our PC’s. it provides us access to our followers and those we follow, messages etc.

Myspace Mobile

For all those MySpace users this application is the real thing. It makes you able to get connected to all your MySpace circle of friends. The user interface of this app is really brilliant.


It is the absolute fun app for all those Flickr users. It is not the official app of flickr but works simply best. We can use it for exposure pickups, exploring featured photos and images. We can use t to leave comments or sharing images.