News Apps

News Apps

News App

Why watch news channel on TV when we can get update of all the news and happening all around the globe on our iPhone. All we need to do is to download the news app on our iphone and views all the news around us.

NPR News

It gives a definitive handy NPR experience for your iPhone. We can view local and national news and can also listen news. We can use this app wherever and whenever.

ABC News

It’s the best application to use on the go. We can have one touch access to the top news with videos and news briefs. It gives us the insight of all top stories and breaking news with pictures. We can get news on our phone by downloading this application.

MobileRSS Free

It is a fully featuring Google Reader client for iPhone. It is a powerful platform for the phone to read news. It is available in two types one is the free version and other is the Pro version.

The Fox News Factor

Fox News is the most liked news application. It has a huge following and number of viewers. It is always found in the top 10 position on iTunes. It has four channels Fox News, Fox Business, Fox News Radio Mobile and Fox News UReport

Fluent News Reader

The New York Times and CNET both declared it the App of the Week and is also a top downloaded app for iPhone. Fluent News collectively made mobile a top news source and makes us able to read news in an organized manner.

Discovery News

It is an application which makes us connected to the industry and green. We can get technological up-to-dates and many more.

Daily News Mobile

The Daily News is the famous New York’s native land paper, and also one of the huge selling newspapers in the Metropolitan region. We can get the newest news, sports, gossip and views from award winning sports critics, writer and columnists.

BBC News

We can download the famous BBC news app on our iPhone. BBC doesn’t encompass an enormous imprint in the US. But it is one of the most appreciated news organizations in the world with unmatched scope and resources.

World Mobile News

We can get the latest and high quality news articles and analysis on our iPhone. It works well even when we have poor internet connection.

The Onion News Network

The Onion provides commentary on U.S. current events and communal issues, rivaling other news networks in salient, thoughtful and interesting content. Interviews with experts, reports by practical journalists or talking heads provide imminent and commentary