Music Apps

Music AppsMusic apps for iphone

You do like music? Then the only one thing that you could do is to get your hands on one of the many music apps available for your iphone. They are entertaining and at the same time they will be very useful for you. There is a short list of them.

This program let you enter to your iphone network account and throughout there you could listen to your favorite songs. You could share them on social networks and etc.


You need to have set your Pandora online account in order to run this app. It will let you to do many things like listening to radio, favorite tracks and etc. You can buy tracks; mail them to your friends and etc.


This is one of the few programs, which are made to entertain you the best way humanly possible. Sometimes we hear a song on the radio but yet we can not recall it. This program will help you.


Innovation is one of the things that describe Ocarine best. This program will let you use your iphone as a flute. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? All you have to do is to press the colorful circles on your phone and you will get beautiful sounds.


This program will let you find your favorite songs with ease. You will not have to worry that you can find it, Slacker will help you. It is elegant program, which will bring you nothing but perfection

Tuner internet radio

There are many internet radio stations. But how to determine which one of them is the best for you? Try this program and you will find out how. You will get access to many internet based radio stations and you will listen to your favorite songs.


This app is made for Imeem users. With this app, iphone owners could easily access their account and because of that they could easily listen to their favorite songs.

Midomi ultra

This is an identification program. All you have to do is to put it near a song and this program will tell you which the song is.

Pocket Guitar

You like to play guitar? Then this is one of the perfect choices for you.


There is nothing cooler than a good guitar player. To improve yourself you need practice and you need to practice constantly. This program will let you do that.