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Do you look for a fun way to spend your time while you are on the train with your iphone? Then do not hesitate to get one of the many game apps available for your phone. You will find out these applications will entertain and most certainly you will enjoy it very much. Here are several apps listed to help your search

Date ideas

This application will entertain those of you who enjoy dating too much. It will allow you to enter the world of dating. Also, you will be able to get really good ideas, if you do well in the game. And to do well in the game, you have to be very good woman chaser.

Funny pictures

Have you thought of yourself how you would like, if you had a mustache? Well this application will let you find out. It will let you to edit your photos, making them funnier than ever. This app will entertain you very much, if you have some free time.

Ilaught 4

You want jokes? Then this app will give them to you. You will find it more than funny because it will let you entertain yourself with the help of the jokes in the game

iQuote 4

You do like quotations? This game is not only funny but at the same time it is educational. It will let you learn some of the most important and significant quotation in our time


Well, this game is created to give you some ideas how to pick up girls or boys. You will master the art of flirting, if you succeed to master the game. It is challenging and funny at the same time


What would happen, if your sms has been edited and instead of “love”, it is written “leave”? Well, this application will let you have so much fun with your SMS.


There are few things that are funnier than riddles. This game will challenge your mind and because of that your mind has to be sharp all the time. You will find that this app is very entertaining and educating.

Drinking game 2

This app will let you test how well are you doing with drinking. You do no want your character to get wasted too fast or too slow. You are up to this challenge.

iSpot the difference

See the difference and you will be the winner

Word search

This game will test your ability to find words. Are you good enough?