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Fitness & Lifestyle apps for iphone

Do you want to be in shape all the time? Then you need an assistant to help you in that. Why not to take your ihpone to aid your efforts. Do not hesitate to get your hands on one of the new Fitness & Lifestyle apps for iphone.

Nutrition menu

This program is amazing because it has the menus of 350 different American restaurants listed. Also, it will let you to calculate your calories before actually you have consumed anything. You will find this app is really useful when you are on the road and when you seek for a good place to eat.

Lose it

This app will let you do precise calculations on the calories which you will intake. You do have some favorite foods? Lose it will save them and you will know all the time how many calories there are in your favorite food. Calorie tracker

You have set your goals to lose weight. You will be impressed by the options that are present for you with this program. You will find it to be very useful.

Eat this, not that

Still you do struggle when you are about to buy different foods. You do not know how many calories are in it or how much fats there are and etc. This program will make all of this clear.

BP Buddy

High blood pressure is a dangerous thing that may damage you. That’s why this program was created to help you control it. You could easily mail your doctor each month with the results of your BP


You want to be in shape and you do not have any idea what are the right exercises for you? You must know that this app will let you know anything that you need to know about training sessions. You will be fitness instructor soon after you buy it.

C25K couch to 5K

You think that you are good at running. This program will put this to a test. It will make you run faster and it will increase your endurance. If you want to train, this is your program.

Authentic Yoga

This program will make you understand the essence of yoga. You will know anything that is related to yoga, especially how to breath, how to perform the exercises and etc.

Sleep machine

If you have any troubles with your sleep, this program will cure them for good. You will have your sleep back

ABS diet Smoothe Deterctor

You want to make your diet to go smoothly, without any dangerous, then this is the perfect program for you.