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Business & Finance apps for Iphone

Do you like to have your finances perfectly ordered in place? Are you addicted to control your financial status all the time? Then you sure need to have some of the business and finance apps to be installed on your Iphone. There are plenty of them because of that it is good to make a list of the perfect business and finance apps.

Paper Finance

It is very original and colorful application available on Iphone. This application allows you to see the entire set of information on the screen and also it allows you to make graphs of your finance. This is the perfect personal finance application available.


Created by the top forex broker FxPro Itrader enable FxPro clients to access the financial markets at their fingertips, with the ability to manage a portfolio on-the-move, open and modify postitions and orders.

Wallet Whiz

This application sure is one of the best. It allows you to use the calendar view and at the same time you could use the Category view. This is extremely good when you have to manage your money. The combination of both looks will allow you manage your money more than perfectly.


This application deserves attention because it is really fast. It is not something special but it will allow you to keep track of your money very well.

Simple Budget

Are you interested to monitor your finance day by day? Then all you have to download this application. It is not something fancy but it is really useful for people who are always in a rush.


Do you want to have a quick way to monitor your finance? Do you want to have deep knowledge of the money you want to spent? Then Bludget is the perfect application for you.

Pocket Money

This is another powerful application which will allow you to keep track of your finance. Also, it will allow you to do custom searches and advanced budgeting.


Manage your daily finances perfectly. You will not be sorry because this program will let you operate with them very smoothly. Recurring transactions and scheduled transactions are one of the most powerful features of this program.

QuickBank Checkbook

This is very useful program for anyone doing daily payments on his iphone. Also, this program will let you add photos to the receipts’ faces.


You could easily monitor your financial status with this program. This program supports multiple currencies and have very interactive interface.

Splash money

You could easily connect with your bank throughout your iphone. Everything will be perfect, if you choose to use this app.


One fun and attractive application which have the basic that are needed to deliver you the services you need.