Education Apps


Education Apps

Education apps for iphone

Do you look for amazing colorful education apps for your iphone? Do you seek entertaining applications that will teach you many things about the world? Then you will find this article to be really useful

ASL Dictionary

You will find that this program will teach you many different things about the English language. You will learn things outside the classroom and you will understand not only the basics of English language but you will understand grammar and spelling at a new proficiency level.

Star Walk

Learn anything about our galaxy throughout the Star Walk app. You will learn many things that are related to the Mayans calendar, our galaxy and etc. This application is colorful and at the same it will give you many things to learn

Buzz Aldrin Portal to science

This is one of the best education apps for iphone. You will learn things that you did not imagine. This application is colorful and at the same time has good interface.

NASA app for Iphone

You want to get the latest photos done by NASA’s telescopes. Then you most certainly want to get your hands on this application. This is one of the best ways to observe the space.

Tracking test app
Small and free app to verify multiple data according to the lates Tracking test industrial standards.

iStudy Japanese vocabulary

Japanese is hard language and you will need to be very constant, if you want to learn it. However, iphone will aid your efforts. That’s why the iStudy Japanese vocabulary app was created. It is really easy to use and operate with it.

MyWords Japanese

This application is again created to make you learn Japanese faster. However, this application will focus you on expressions and idioms. You will be more than able to communicate with native Japanese.

Calculator AXL Graphing

You do want to have all your complex equations solved. Do you find equations with parabolas are hard? Then you will need this program to help you do that.

Speak Easy Voice recorder

This is one of the best programs which will let you memorize everything. You will have to record your voice and this program will play it for you. You could listen to your mistakes while you speak foreign language. You will be master really soon.


Blanks is one of the applications that will let you lean new words in English. This is really useful for foreigners and they will appreciate it greatly.

Twisty text

This app will test your English skills, you will be asked to recognize the words and many more funny things.